Plan My College Visit: How it works

Welcome to #PMCV, the ultimate travel resource for prospective high school students and their parents! We’re college connoisseurs for certain, but first and foremost (and since day one) we’re travel agents.

For that, we work like any other travel agency: you fill us in, we plan your trip. What sets us apart is our unique insight into the wild world of college. Our service is catered to the college process specifically, and intended to give you a true insider’s look into college town. We work to streamline visitation, cut the stress, and ensure that your experience is both productive and fun.

Princeton University TROVVEN.jpg


You can provide us with your details one of two ways: by completing the online form, or scheduling a call. Both options available on our homepage.

Once we have your information we’ll reach out over email, iron out the big picture, and ask that you process the $100 planning fee. From there, sit tight! We’re planning your trip.

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Your #PMCV itinerary includes just about everything:

  • Tour + info session reservations

  • Hotel reservations

  • Dinner reservations

  • Breakfast, lunch, and activity recommendations

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We want to help you maximize your college trips - in every sense of the word! Emphasis on:

  • Ease

  • Efficiency

  • Experience

  • Fun


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