How to Prepare for your College Visits

5 Things to do Before Visiting Campus

Visiting college is both time consuming and expensive! Don't waste time on the road. Make the most of your campus tours by prepping a bit in advance.

We don't mean doing a ton of homework, but a bit of intelligent planning never hurt anybody. That's why we've come up with a super simple check-list, that'll help you make sure that your ducks are in a row before you pull up to campus. Planning a college visit can be tough - the following however, is easy:

How to Prepare for Your College Visits

  1. Check out every college you're visiting online
    It might sound silly, but you'd be surprised by how many people forego this simple step! A quick trip through the school's website will immediately fill you up with intel and excitement! You'll be able to scan the campus, browse through class offerings, and start to formulate any questions you'll be interested in asking during your tour, or interview.
  2. Grab a notebook!
    Now that the wheels have started churning, write down all your thoughts and questions so that you'll be able to refer back months later, once the decision process comes to a head. Preliminary impressions are just as important as the memories you'll hold onto weeks from now. For this reason, we recommend chronicling your thoughts on every school from day one: beginning with browsing the college online. If you see anything that prompts a question, write that down so that you can address it in person, once you're visiting.
  3. Explore schools on social media
    Okay, so this might sound super millennial and shallow, however a school's social presence can be telling! While a college's personal handle might reveal interesting student clubs, or campus activities, the real insight can be found under the college's "location" on social. Browse through posts that have been tagged to the school. What are students wearing? Does it look extremely cold? Do the late-night pizza options constitute insta-worthy food blogs? These are just a few things that can help to relay a general vibe of the campus. Don't take social media too seriously but, might as well check it out! 
  4. Double check logistics
    We can't stress enough how easy (an important!) it is to run through the simple plans, in order to avoid big mistakes - like being late for an interview, or getting lost. Double check your tour times, your interview schedule (should you have one), to be sure that you're set to arrive 10 minutes early to everything you have scheduled. Being prepared means consulting campus maps, ensuring that you know exactly where the admissions office is located, and maybe even looking into parking lot locations and walking distances from your hotel. You can never be too careful when it comes to timeliness! 

  5. Conquer the packing list!
    Masterful packing means two things: remembering the essentials, and planning out your outfits in advance. We're not talking about every single outfit, but deciding what you'll wear to your campus tours beforehand will save you time and alleviate a lot of stress. Unsure how to dress? We got you. Check out our article: What to Wear on a College Tour. Last but not least, don't forget the essentials! We're talking about that handy notebook, and (though you likely have an iPhone...) a camera! The moral of the story is: be prepared, and document everything! Record your thoughts, your learnings, your feelings, and don't be afraid to photograph it all. 6 months later when you find yourself torn between two amazing colleges, you'll be glad to have something meaningful to refer back to. 

You're set! If you've blown through this list, then chances are you're geared up and ready to tackle those college tours! Hit the road like a pro. We'd expect nothing else of a TROVVEN connoisseur :)