Why Visit College in Person?

Real students speak to the importance of college trips

We often receive the question - why visit? With so much information available online, is it really that important to tour a campus in person? Honestly? Yes. 

A huge factor of the college decision, apart from academics and athletics of course, comes down to the gut feeling you get when you step onto campus. Don't believe us? Read on for the testimonies of real students, who still recall the moment when they first saw their school and thought "this is right."

Students discuss College Trips

  • Megan Shaw, Washington and Lee University
    "You really can’t get a sense of a college campus’ warmth from just an online photo or words in a brochure. I chose Washington and Lee University within literal minutes of being on campus, and I don’t think that’s the kind of gut feeling you can get from just hearing about a school."
  • Clay Wolcott, University of South Carolina
    "At the end of the day, it was the social and cultural fit that separated my top choice from the others, which is something I had to experience in person to fully understand. Sometimes my college trips didn't go as smoothly though...for such an important investment and decision that will define your life for your next four years, you really shouldn't even think about skipping out on college visits."
  • Lauren Chambers, University of Georgia
    "Staying with people at various schools is definitely what gave me the best insight into what my experience at that school would be like. The most eye-opening experience for me was visiting schools in the North East in the wintertime and realizing that I would die if I had to go to class in 10 degree weather! I also think that eating at restaurants and walking around the town surrounding the campus gave me the best feel for what the environment and people were like and what life would be like at each of the schools."
  • Dani Reis, College of Charleston
    "I visited numerous schools all along the south east coast. It was important that I visited a range of campuses, because even though I was reading every bit of information from the Fiske Guide, I had to see it to really feel what it would be like to go there.

    I will never forget the feelings I had after stepping onto the College of Charleston campus. I had the butterflies, I was smiling, and I said to myself "I have to go here". My sister and parents were in awe too. They could see how happy this place would make me. It was close to the beach, had great restaurants, small class sizes, warm weather, and most importantly it already made me happy.

    When that acceptance letter came in I cried, I was ecstatic. I’d felt a connection at some other schools, but still nothing compared to College of Charleston. The next day, I accepted the offer. You know when you know, ya know?"

You heard it! If you can visit your top colleges in person, it's invaluable to do so! This is a big life decision and as such, it's important to take all the measures you can to ensure you make the right one.