What to Wear on a College Trip

Your campus tour packing list

Five minutes ago it was no big deal, now you’re staring at that empty suitcase, double-guessing every last outfit you’d planned to pack for your college tours. Okay, deep breath. Don’t sweat it, we got you!

Having been around the college circuit once or twice, we’re chock full of fool-proof fashion tips, for easy, cute, and perfectly appropriate college tour attire. Read on for the outfit intel.

What to Wear on a College Visit

What to wear to an info session, or campus tour:

  • Modest Athleisure Wear
    While you simply can’t be frumpy, most college tours and info sessions are quite informal, and for this you can get away with tasteful athleisure wear. Prioritize comfort, while still making a point to look put together. Ensure that your outfit, however trendy it may be, remain modest and tasteful.

  • Comfortable Shoes
    Don't dream of donning worn-out sneakers - but do opt for something comfortable! Campus tours can cover lots of ground, and you shouldn't find yourself limping through the library in heels or a brand new pair of loafers. During the colder months, boots or bean shoes are perfect.

  • Outer-wear
    The majority of your campus tour will take place outside, where you'll be subject to the rain, snow, and sleet! Come prepared to wrap up, and never underestimate the elements. Spring weather can change on a dime, so even if the skies are clear, grab a wind-breaker. You’ll thank us later.

  • Extra!
    Grab a cereal bar, or a small snack for your back pocket, because tours can be lengthy and no one likes a kid with low blood sugar. 

What to wear for a College Interview

Women: click here for our visual guide

  • Formal Attire
    Imagine what you’d wear to a job interview, something modest, mature, and understated. For girls this means a nice blouse, suit skirt, or dress with a high-neckline and appropriate hemline. Unless it's summer, always opt for pantyhose. For men, a simple button down, slacks, and a tie will do.

  • Formal Shoes
    The safest route is a pair of nice flats. If you plan to wear heels, we recommend a chunky heel, no higher than 3 inches. For men, we recommend loafers.

  • Simple Prints
    Wear something simple, so when your interviewer thinks back on your interaction, they’ll recall your face, your personality, and your achievements - not your outfit.

What to wear if you're shadowing a student and/or staying overnight:

  • Casual Wear
    While every college campus is different, you really can’t go wrong with a good old pair or jeans. Wear whatever you’d wear on a Saturday with friends, just be sure it’s fairly modest and fit for the weather! Don’t worry about blending in as no two people on a campus look the same. Dress for yourself, and people will respect that.

  • The Day-to-Night
    Pack an outfit that can transition for a night out should you be staying overnight with your student mentor. For girls, we recommend something akin to a blouse and blue jean combo. This works well as day-to-night outfit, is classically chic, and never too stand-out. Pack a statement pair of earrings, or a fun necklace just in case plans skew towards a fancier scene. For men, we recommend a button down. For something more casual - your favorite tee will do!

Remember, at the end of the day, your outfit is only a tiny piece of the puzzle. Be yourself, have fun, and we guarantee your college visit will be a great one. :)