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Fill us in on your trip details and the schools you want to visit, and let us handle the rest: transportation, hotels, dining, and everything in between!

We guarantee the best hotel and transportation rates and pride ourselves on our affordable pricing structure. Click here for payment and pricing information.

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Ace the Logistics
If you want to visit 4 schools over the course of a 3-day weekend, have you considered:

Which airport you will fly into? The order in which you will visit the schools? Where you will stay and dine near campus? What you will do in your free time? How you will let loose, and have some fun?

A TROVVEN itinerary ensures less time in the car and more time to explore, less time figuring out lunch plans and more time for dessert. 

Have Fun
TROVVEN University was born of the belief that the college visitation process can, and should, be a productive and enjoyable experience!  We live for fun dinners, activities, and that afternoon hour spent lounging outdoors. You're leaving town, so let's make sure that translates to "vacation."

Don't Sweat the $$$
We're all about accessibility, and the notion that "Travel Agents" are NOT reserved for luxe vacations at high price points. TROVVEN is an accredited agency that works on a commission structure within the hospitality industry. This commission, alongside our minimal fee, allows us to offer a personalized, hands-on service at an affordable cost. 

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