High School Ambassador Program 

#PMCV is recruiting creative, entrepreneurial student leaders to promote our College Trips to their high school networks. Every Student Ambassador is an extension of US and should share our passion for travel, great food, and awesome experience


#PMCV Ambassadors live the our brand 24/7, promote our College Trips to their friends and followers, and help to facilitate school partnerships. They're also our eyes and ears, and contributors to our itineraries!


Earn money and build out your resume. Fine-tune your networking, marketing, and sales skills and learn what's it like to work with a fast-paced start-up.

Our Ambassadors earn a commission on every sale that is attributed to them and will be the first applicants considered for full-time college internships.

Words from our Ambassadors:

“Working with PMCV is like an internship, on my own time.  I've learned loads about sales and marketing, while only devoting about 20 minutes a month to quick check-ins with their team.”

“The ambassador program is such a simple way to build out your resume. When my college counselor mentioned PMCV, I applied to their program and was accepted the same day. Now my resume is more exciting and I've a unique edge during interviews.”

“Ambassadors earn a $20 commission on every sale that's attributed to them. It's like free money, basically - plus, I've learned a lot.”

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