What to Wear on a College Interview, for Women

Outfits for every season! A visual guide to dressing for the admissions interview.

If you've read "What to Wear on a College Trip," then you already know that an admissions interview outfit should be simple, refined, and above all, reserved. 

If you're still feeling lost well, you're in luck! Consult our visual guide for shoppable answers to dressing for your college interview. As they say - a picture's worth a thousand words.

The Heel by Margaux, c/o  @Margaux

The Heel by Margaux, c/o @Margaux

Mix and match these simple essentials to dress for college interviews all year round. 

What to wear to a college interview

First thing's first: let's make sure we're all on the same page. Regardless the season, there are a few simple guidelines you should always adhere to when planning your outfit for an admissions interview. These golden rules are as follows:

  • Formal Attire
    Imagine what you’d wear to a job interview, something modest, mature, and understated. For girls this means a nice blouse, suit skirt, or dress with a high-neckline and appropriate hemline. Unless it's summer, always opt for pantyhose.
  • Formal Shoes
    The safest route is a pair of nice flats. If you plan to wear heels, we recommend a chunky heel, no higher than 3 inches.
  • Simple Prints
    Wear something simple, so when your interviewer thinks back on your interaction, they’ll recall your face, your personality, and your achievements - not your outfit. 

Dressing for a college interview in the Spring, or Summer

What to Wear to a College Interview_TROVVEN.001.jpeg

The Dress

We chose this dress for its modest neck-line and hemline just above the knee. A tan blazer adds a touch of sophistication. Blue shoes and a summer scarf for understated flare.  

What to Wear to a College Interview_TROVVEN.003.jpeg

The Skirt

This skirt's structure and length reads maturity. A tan blouse and solid shoes pair well with a crossbody to make for a classy, soft ensemble. 

What to Wear to a College Interview_TROVVEN.005.jpeg

The Slacks

Sophisticated slacks stay feminine thanks to a subtly flared leg. Paired with a soft top and a summer scarf, this outfit is serious, but not overly so. 

Dressing for a college interview in the fall, or winter

What to Wear to a College Interview_TROVVEN.002.jpeg

The Dress

Perfect for the colder months, this long-sleeved dress is modest enough to allow for sensible heels. The lady bag and tights complete the look with a touch of class.

What to Wear to a College Interview_TROVVEN.004.jpeg

The Skirt

A simple skirt pattern pairs nicely with a plain top. During the Winter, a black turtleneck is a sophisticated option. Add a pop of color with a burgundy scarf.

What to Wear to a College Interview_TROVVEN.006.jpeg

The Slacks

Winterize your black slacks with a sleek sweater, and spice up the look with a pair of jewel-toned heels. Mix and match accessories, opting for a lady bag, the scarf in look 2, or both!

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