Hop a Carriage to the Catskills!

Gabe Brodbar, Founder and CEO of Catskill Carriage is Changing the Way You Head Upstate!



It was a dark winter's night at the Monticello Bus station when Gabe Brodbar, founder and CEO of Catskill Carriage stopped and asked himself, “Why?”. Why was it such a pain to get Upstate? Why was there no enjoyable way to reach the Catskills? Why did the Port Authority have to suck so much! (We’re not sure whether he asked that last one but, we sure would have..)

Comfortable transportation out East is easy. When you tire of the train, pony up for a plush recliner seat on the Jitney, or the Luxury Liner, where in-transit WiFi, AC, and free snacks compliment the peace of mind that can only be termed “avoiding the LIRR bathroom line”.

Comfortable transportation Upstate is another story. Until only recently, travelers without a car have been pretty much relegated to taking uncomfortable, bleak bus lines to any destination that doesn’t fall directly on the MTA’s route up the Hudson. Read: crappy buses stationed at the Port Authority - aka “perhaps I’ll head upstate next year.

Good news: all that is changing, thanks to that dark night in Monticello that spurned Gabe to launch Catskill Carriage, a new, sleek luxury bus service that’s shaking up your options for transportation Upstate.

A quick way to describe Catskill Carriage would be by likening it to the Luxury Liner that serves Long Island, because the Catskill Carriage is luxurious. Each ride features a massive amount of storage space, recliner seats, wifi, power outlets, reading lamps, flip-down HD screens, and huge frameless windows affording great road-trip views.



The better way to describe Catskill Carriage would be by calling it a true bridge between city and country, an answer to the congruencies between downtown New York and Livingston Manor. There’s an elevated culture in the Catskills that’s unmistakable - the restaurants, bars, and accommodations there rival those found in the Hamptons. Why then, does Montauk deserve a Luxury Liner, and not New Paltz, NY?

Catskill Carriage speaks to what the Catskills are today: where comfort and campiness converge, where appreciation for luxury only works to elevate the traditional culture of the region.

Case in point: While Gabe’s fleet is comprised of late model high-end buses with the most cutting-edge features on the market, ironically, our favorite selling points are in the promise of finding a home-baked dessert on your seat, Dirty Dancing playing on your HD TV, and the latest issue of DVEIGHT mag in your seat-back. As the name would entail, Catskill Carriage is about the Catskills, about championing the area, introducing city dwellers to the awesomeness of Upstate NY, and responding to what the Catskills has become today: a region that’s plain better than bad buses.

Catskill Carriage will be offering multiple routes every weekend starting May 25, running every weekend through October 8, 2018! All express routes come with hostess service, and all northbound express routes come with Jackie-Q's world famous desserts! Your friends can even track your bus in real-time online, and know exactly when you will land.  PS. Did we mentions that the Catskill Carriage departs from and arrives to bars, breweries and distilleries? …We’re sold.

Connect with @CatskillCarriage on instagram and click here for full routes and schedules!

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