VHS Collection's James Bohannon on Chasing Dreams and Vacationing out East

VHS Collection, band

VHS Collection, band

Interview with the lead singer of VHS Collection, James Bohannon. 

This week, TROVVEN's chatting with James Bohannon, lead singer in the NYC-based synth-rock band, VHS Collection

Read on to discover the inspiration behind VHS Collection's latest hit, 'Fire' and get psyched to catch these guys live, this Winter in NYC!

Q: Congrats on the release of your new single, 'Fire'! We’ve been streaming this baby on repeat. What’s the inspiration behind VHS Collection’s latest hit?

Thank you! The inspiration behind 'Fire' is sort of like the opening credits to the show “True Blood”. It’s a seedy, sticky, southern rock groove entangled in some synth rock 80’s vibes. It’s a mix between Kings of Leon and the show Stranger Things. It’s essentially about sexual tension in the face of strict parents/church/society. It’s about desire and heat.

Q: How would you describe the birth of VHS Collection? Was this always something you wanted to do, or a passion you discovered later in life?

It was both. Always something I wanted but I didn’t know it what form it would take like everything in life. I’ve always had a passion for song-writing. It’s always been an outlet. I have used music it as an emotional escape my whole life. Songs really resonated with me. I knew I wanted to do something with music but I never did. It was discouraging. And then my bandmates, who I’ve know all my life, came along and made it possible.

Q: Is there any specific moment you think back on when you recall thinking that you guys were really taking the plunge, and going for it? Later, can you remember a moment when you felt you’d finally made it as a band?

This past year has been a combination of both. We really are going for it. It’s scary. Sometimes we think we have made it. Other times we are positive that we are no where near. It’s a roller coaster ride. We actually wrote a song about, called ‘Floating’. The chorus describes the feeling: “I’m not sure this plane has left the ground”.

Q:  The first time we caught you guys live was on a Friday night at Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett – one of our all time favorite music venues out East. When you aren’t playing sets at Surf Lodge, how do you spend your time in the Hamptons? Any favorite spots or activities you recommend?

Montauk is special spot. It’s crowded and crazy but still special. I like going out there a few times a year or in the off-season. We rented a house in the fall in early band days. I like surfing out there.

Q: Waiting on the Summer seriously got us through the winter blues of ’17. When it’s 20 degrees in February and the beach feels like a distant memory… how do you cope? Any winter escapes or regiments you recommend?

We do a lot of song-writing lock-ins upstate in the winter. It’s cold and intense but it’s motivating. Lot of fires and tobacco.

Q:  Just for fun – what are your favorite hangout joint in NYC? A date-spot staple you recommend? Most importantly – where can our readers catch you guys live?

We will play live this winter in NYC and on the east coast. Then we will release our album. Then we will tour. I really liked the restaurant the Lion but it closed. I mostly hang out in the park, ha.

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