Meet the Kosann Sisters, of the New Potato

Danielle and Laura Kosann,  The New Potato

Danielle and Laura Kosann, The New Potato

Danielle and Laura Kosann, foodies who travel in style

This week we're chatting with sister duo Danielle and Laura Kosann, Founders and Editors in Chief of The New Potato, and total authorities on all things food, fashion, beauty, health, and (of course!) - travel

Interview with Danielle and Laura Kosann, Founders of The New Potato

Q: Tell us a bit about The New Potato!

A: The New Potato is a lifestyle destination that presents the world through the lens of food! We are the anti-foodie foodies so to speak; at a time when we felt food was getting really precious we wanted to take food out of food and make something more multi-dimensional! We created something super editorial and curated that features high-end photography and interviews of models, actors/actresses, designers, editors etc. who don't necessarily get asked about food. The site also includes city guides, recipes, and great video content! Food starts the conversation on our site and breaks the ice, and then we talk about everything else, everyone has to eat. Ps. we have an amazing redesign and relaunch come September! 

Q: We’re bbf’s and co-founders - what’s it like having your sister as your business partner?

A: It's so much fun! We really compliment each other, our strengths are each other's weaknesses and Visa Versa. There's also a great level of trust which is super important in entrepreneurship. 

Q: TNP is on the beat of every NYC trend. What weekend destinations are on your radar right now?

A: Believe it or not, we're many times less concerned with "trends" than we are with just great classic spots that we want to go back to time and time again. Twin Farms in Vermont was possibly the best local stay we've ever experienced. It was a level of service and bespoke care that really just astounded us. We love staying at White Barn Inn when we go to Maine, and we grew up going to the Red Lion Inn with our Grandma in the Berkshires so that holds a special place in our hearts as well. We are also obsessed with Sunset Tower in Los Angeles! That's where we always stay during business trips or weekend getaways. 

Q: When was the last time you took a weekend road-trip? Where’d you go, and what were the highlights? 

A: Our Last weekend road trip was to Gurneys Montauk at the start of the summer. The highlights were their incredible spot right on the beach, as well as the restaurant there! 

Q: What’s in your weekender right now? Any products, books, or emergency bottles of wine you’re loving?

A: We do not travel without our Vintner's Daughter Face Oil, it's our obsession. Miraval Rosé is always fun to have in tow on a weekend in the Hamptons. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert is a book on creativity we both are hooked on - great beach read! 

Q: Last but not least - as hard working women on the go, how do you blow off steam mid-week? 

A: Sometimes we have to remind each other that we are first and foremost sisters - not just business partners. We make an effort to do a really fun sisters drinks and dinner night most weeks, whether it be at Polo BarBemelmans Bar, or some other spot where the atmosphere and aesthetic is simply unbelievable and flawless. It fuels our creativity! 

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