Meet Lindsay Van Cantfort, and "Her Society"

Interview with Lindsay Van Cantfort, lady boss and founder of Her Society.

Lindsay Van Cantfort, Her Society

Lindsay Van Cantfort, Her Society

This week we touched base with Lindsay Van Cantfort, lady boss and founder of Her Society, a non partisan women's group dedicated to equality and human rights.

Lindsay is here with the 411 on Her Society, packing lists, and how a badass lady spends a weekend away!

Q: Tell us a little about Her Society!

A: Her Society is a nonpartisan women's group based here in NYC.  It has been floating around in my head for years and upon moving to NYC last year and feeling really empowered and creative I decided to finally launch HER SOCIETY. It is a place for like-minded women to connect through events, activism and building a community of badass women.

Q: We hear you’re a weekend trip veteran. What are your favorite spots outside of NYC? 

A: That is a hard question! I love the obvious ones like Dia Beacon, Montauk and Woodstock! We have gone out to Fire Island a few times this summer and just relax at the beach and grill which is great.  We did Newport, Rhode Island a few weeks back and ate an obscene about of lobster which was a blast.

Q: What’s in your weekender right now? Any products, books, or emergency bottles of wine you’re loving?

A: Rosewater & Rosehip oil, Glossier Invisible SPF. "The Trouble with Reality: A Rumination on Moral Panic in Our Time" by Brooke Gladstone it is the perfect travel book, my camera, and slippers.

Q: Your platform empowers women, what do you think are the necessities for the ultimate girls trip? 

A: Curating the crew, a few solid plans but letting things just flow, speakers (because you know there will be a dance party), mezcal and post party eye masks. 

Q: As a hardworking woman on the go, how do you blow off steam mid-week?

A: I have been trying to do one thing every week completely solo, giving myself some time to explore the city on my own and recharge.  So a quiet museum day or a wander around the park really helps settle me. Also, a day to pamper myself mid week - do a mask, mani, a bath... something to chill my busy mind.

Q: What's the next weekend getaway (driving distance from NYC) that you can't wait to take?

A: THE DEBRUCE in Livingston Manor! I am actually dying to go. 

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