Fashion Gurus Neely & Chloe Reveal What's in Their Travel Bag

On weekend getaways and affordable luxury

The sister dream team and fashion legacy Neely and Chloe Burch are here with the intel on East Coast getaways, what to pack when heading out of town, and the inspiration behind their namesake brand. 

After reading, grab a Neely & Chloe weekender bag and get going. 

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Interview with Neely and Chloe Burch

Q: You guys are sisters, entrepreneurs, and co-founders of Neely & Chloe. Tell us the inspiration behind your namesake brand. 

A: We spent far too long lusting over expensive handbags and shoes that—despite all our best budgeting efforts— just remained unattainable. We wanted to create a product for women that felt chic and sophisticated, comprised of the highest quality materials, but that was accessible. 

Q: We are obsessed with your weekender bag. As getaway aficionados, what did you have in mind when you designed this bag?

 A: We were always stuck somewhere between an overnight bag and a big bulky rolling bag. This is the perfect option for that long weekend away- by car or plane (it’s fits perfectly in the overhead bins)— even if you’re a shameless over packer like us. 

Q: You are East Coast natives, have you explored any regional getaway spots? What are your top destinations? 

A: We love a good escape weekend from New York- especially in the summer when we’re all melting in the city. Our parents live outside Philadelphia, so that’s always a good option, but when we’re looking for something a little different, we love a good weekend away somewhere like Candlewood Lake or Stonington, Connecticut. We’re also starting to day dream about the perfect fall weekend up in an inn in Vermont. And then come winter, we can always go for a little ski getaway - Killington has a great mix of good skiing, cute places to stay and a fun bar scene.

Q: What do you look for in a weekend-away? What are your top priorities in a hotel and destination?

A: I think, as so many of us feel in our 20s, we’re always looking for the right mix of finding something within budget and a little bit of a splurge to make the weekend feel special. We are a sucker for a good boutique hotel - smaller spots where you get more of a feel for the local culture or vibe. In a destination, we’re usually looking for a mix of culture, activities, with at least a little bit of relaxing (and good food doesn’t hurt either).

Q: What’s currently in your getaway bag? Favorite products, summer read, emergency bottle of wine? 

A: Neely: I’m right in the middle of the complete anthology of Sherlock Holmes-I love all the short stories because they’re perfect for a quick train or plane ride. Beyond that my getaway bag is probably bursting at the seams because I’ve packed about triple what I need and sadly there’s no room for my emergency bottle of wine. But, I’m a resourceful gal and can usually manage to find something once I arrive.

A: Chloe: I’m a planner so I always make sure I have my essentials: sunscreen, hairbrush, phone charger, etc. I just finished the Defining Decade by Meg Jay which I highly recommend for anyone in their 20’s. It’s an easy read so it’s for the beach! Besides that, I always pack a sweater even in the summer! Perfect for those cool summer nights.  

Q: Last but not least, as lady bosses constantly on the go, what are your go-to NY spots for the ultimate meal, pampering, shopping, and relaxation.  

A: We are big big sushi fans- Momoya is a great go to and lately we’ve been loving sushi Katsuie in the west village— dream meal for Sushi is Shuko, but sadly that’s not the most budget friendly. For shopping you can usually find us bopping around soho or every once and a while window shopping uptown. And for pampering and relaxing, we love Hey Day. Their facials are a great way to relax and treat yourself a little bit without feeling like you lose your whole day (or wallet) to the spa. It’s a perfect way to perk up a rainy Wednesday.

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