Oliver Kennan has a Travel Bug. Where's his Moving Company Headed?

Oliver Kennan, Kennan Moving Company

Oliver Kennan, Kennan Moving Company

Meet: Kennan Moving Company

To say that we love live music is an understatement because, let's be honest, nothing makes Saturday night like a good time with an awesome band. 

Meet: Kennan Moving Company, our favorite indie-soul band that is shaking things up both in and outside the city. Our good friend Oliver Kennan is here with the 411 on life as a musician, road trip playlists, and the getaway destinations he's eying. Most importantly: check out Kennan Moving Company, and subscribe to TROVVEN Daily for live updates on when these guys go live with their new record (in the works!).

Interview with Oliver Kennan, Kennan Moving Company

Q: Tell us about Kennan Moving Company! What's the most rewarding thing about being in a band? The most challenging?

A: Kennan Moving Company is the indie-soul band that I started a few years ago. It's been an amazing and hugely gratifying project because of the immensely talented musicians I've been able to perform with. Nothing encourages you to grow like surrounding yourself with hard-working creative people. Becoming a standout performer in New York City is definitely a challenge because there is soo much talent here, but that challenge breeds creativity and rewards hard work. I love that aspect of this city.

Q: We hear you have a serious travelbug. Have you explored any getaway spots outside NYC? What are your top destinations?

A: I do travel a fair bit. This summer I've been in Millbrook NY, Hudson NY, The Hamptons, Nantucket, Orange VA, and Kristiansand Norway. My favorite weekend trip by far was Nantucket. I was there with a few close friends and I also got to visit some family. We were able to avoid most of the tourist traps and just have a really relaxed time. Last weekend I went up to Hudson for a night with friends which was also really special. We stopped at Storm King Art Center on the way up to Hudson to walk through the giant sculpture garden and spent the rest of the day strolling the town. Hudson is a really special place. Such a feeling of ease there.. None of the New York rush to be seen.

Q: Your track Easy Coast has the ultimate vacation vibes! What else is on your road trip playlist? 

A. Haha, I always appreciate a good Kennan Moving Company plug ;) I've been loving Dan Auerbach's (of The Black Keys) new album "Waiting on a Song". It's great upbeat summer songs, perfect for road trips and travel. Dumbo Gets Mad's album "Quantum Leap" is also on fairly regular rotation for me. It's very eclectic indie music but strangely catchy.

Q: You just launched a podcast, give us the 411 on that.

A. I did just start a Youtube channel. I turned 27 in July and decided that I was going to differentiate this year. I'm completely sober now and I started the channel as a way to talk about the changes I'm trying to make and also just as a way to be creative. I've been doing some daily vlogging and also recording a bunch of fun covers. So far my reggae version of Cher's "Believe" is definitely the fan favorite.

Q: We hear you have a special someone in your life, what does a romantic weekend getaway look like to you? 

A: I do! We've been going on some road trips and weekend travel and this summer has been really good to us. She's a big fan of the Hamptons and I'm more of an upstate NY guy. Generally were happy as long as we can make our own schedule and we don't get stuck doing what everyone else wanted to do all weekend. Antiquing has definitely become a favorite pastime for us. 

Q: What's your favorite hangout spot in NYC? More importantly - where can our readers catch Kennan Moving Company live?

A: There are just soo many!!! La Superior in Williamsburg for Tacos, Joe's Pizza for quick carbs, Scalinatella for pasta, Metta for date night, and House of Yes for crazy dance parties. Kennan Moving Company is currently working on our new record but people can follow us on Facebook or at @kennanmovingcompany on Instagram for notifications. You can also sign up for show notifications on our website www.kennanmovingcompany.com 

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