Winding Down: Interview with Self Care Coach Carley Schweet

TROVVEN touches base with Carley Schweet, author of Boundaries with Soul

Between the stressors of school, work, and life on the go, it can sure be difficult to maintain a normal heart-rate - never mind a healthy peace of mind!

That's why we're chatting with Carley Schweet, a Seattle-based self care coach who, following a long stint in NYC, can seriously relate to our all-too-common life-induced panic attacks!

Carley's here with some refreshing insight into the everyday grind: how to survive it, how to escape it, and how to stay balanced when the rest of the world might feel upside down. 

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself, your background, and the path that lead to you where you are today. What inspired you to become a self care coach?

Ask any coach or healer and they’ll tell you that they came into their work as part of healing their own story. For me, I was working in a job that stressed me out (to the point I had an anxiety attack locked in a bathroom stall), in a long-term relationship that was in no way healthy for me, and had major people-pleasing tendencies. One day, after months of pushing myself to go to the gym and changing my diet, it just hit me: there was more to life. Then I dumped my boyfriend.

In early 2015, I enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and received my coaching certification and haven’t looked back. I’ve found that there are so many women (and men!) out there who would classify themselves as people-pleasers, deal with daily anxious feelings and the drive to over-give, and are terrified of saying No out of overwhelming fear and guilt.

Those are the people I help. The fixers, the feelers, the empaths of the world. Those who give so freely but never take time for themselves, and in the moments they do, they feel so guilty they rarely do it again. These are the people that have inspired me to do this work day in and day out.

Q: You describe your time in New York City as anxiety-ridden, and marked by the need to people-please. Was this a product of New York City, or of your mindset? How do you recommend NYC-dwellers cope with similar feelings?

Really amazing question and something I find myself reflecting on a lot! As a highly-sensitive person, I was always someone who lived with anxiety but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. New York, for me, was the city that allowed me to uncover those feelings and accept that they are normal and okay. Between the stress of my old job and the non-stop movement of NYC, I had no choice but to figure out what was truly going on. I love that city, and always will, but man, she’s good at teaching lessons!

My advice? Take a lunch break, your emails can wait. Go outside and inhale some fresh air. Turn off your phone, or at least put it on silent, when you climb into bed. Use essential oils to create self-care throughout your day so you feel a bit more even-keeled emotionally and physically. Buy yourself some flowers and try to keep at least one living plant in your apartment. Speaking of your apartment, make it your sanctuary, a place where you can come home and truly unwind from the day. Find a good yoga studio and allow yourself to truly feel the stress and emotions as they come. Know these emotions are normal! Especially in a great city like New York.

Q: We’re super interested to hear more about the power of essential oils! We’re already fans of lavender oil - but that’s about it. Fill us in! What’re the main benefits of essential oils that you identify in your everyday life? What are you other favorite oils?

I started using essential oils about a year and a half ago and have been blown away at their power! Before I start talking about how amazing they are, there is something important to note: not all essential oils are created equally. The oils that you buy at Whole Foods are going to be very different than the oils you get from a company that specializes in therapeutic-grade oils.

For me and my clients, the biggest benefits we see from essential oil use is creating these mini-moments of self-care throughout the busy days of our lives. These oils help us to slow down, take a breath, and take care of ourselves. They can help us improve our sleep, manage stress and anxious feelings (hello, everyday!), calm and soothe our skin, deal with headaches, boost our immune system, and so much more!

Some of my favorite oils for self-care are wild orange and peppermint for an energizing boost in the morning, vetiver for a calming nighttime bath, and melaleuca because it’s a natural antiseptic and great for establishing energetic boundaries! Also, give me all of the rose and jasmine oils - they are amazing for your skin!

Also, all essential oils have an emotional component to them and yes, lavender is a beautiful calming oil, but it is also the oil of communication. I just love that.

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Q: Back when you lived in NYC, were there any weekend escapes that you loved? What did you do Saturday - Sunday to help you unwind?

I loved heading upstate to Hudson, NY to go hiking, roam the antique stores, and explore all of the cute restaurants and quaint coffee shops. It felt like a totally different world up there, in a really good way. Also, can’t forget weekends spent in Montauk with my closest friends - those few days were always a great escape!

Q: Do you have any go-to travel rituals? What’s your secret for self-care on the road?

First and foremost, all of the water - and not just during your travel. Start by hydrating up at least a few days leading up your trip! Also, I never fly without my eye-mask, noise-cancelling headphones, and essential oils like lavender to soothe dry airplane skin and calm me down, the OnGuard® immune-system blend, and DigestZen® for taming any upset stomachs. Also, I’ve been loving the Cocokind My Matcha stick for keeping my skin hydrated throughout the numerous red-eye flights.

Q: Just for fun - we’d love to know your favorite NYC spots. Where do you head first when back in town for the weekend?

To get my bagel and pizza fix, Sadelle’s and Emily in the West Village, respectively. Also, Momofuku or Big Gay Icecream, of course! I also love browsing through ABC Home, which is something I didn’t make enough time for when I lived in NYC. Stepping into that store feels like a true escape from the busy world!

Check out @carley_schweet on IG for continued wellness tips, and next time you need to unwind, consider some serious self-care via Also, check out her book, Boundaries with Soul!